The Roughneck story

- From villain to hero -

Stemming from the earliest meaning, the term roughneck was quite near to an insult. Placed upon traveling carnival laborers, vagrants and rowdy manual workers. Anyone tagged with the title of roughneck was a person to be carefully watched and even avoided, if possible. By the late 1800’s it was still a term of little endearment, but that was about to change.

Oil workers adopted the term. It stuck and grew to take on a status symbol property. Roughneck still embodied the attributes of extreme strength, endurance and bravery, but it was now a label worn with pride. From describing the lowest element of society, the term roughneck has been elevated and synonymous with oil workers of great strength and stature - a name respected and worn with esteem throughout the world. 

Battling the waves and the wind in The North sea, the blistering cold in Siberia and Alaska, and the burning heat in the Texan sands  – Roughnecks have through courage, strength and durability laid the foundation of our comfortable modern lifestyle, and are our inspiration as we create our products.